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Attach pods and run then in your production Cluster

In this section, we'll cover how to add some initial Pods to a newly provisioned Cluster. After completing the steps, everything is expected to be up and running.

Note: this section depends on the Cluster being already provisioned, as covered on previous sections. If you haven't, see the Setting up your first dev cluster section for details on how to create the Cluster.

Attach Pods:

cd prod-cluster
sns host attach ingress@loadbalancer1 --link=
sns host attach proxy@loadbalancer1 --link=
sns host attach proxy@worker1 --link=
sns host attach letsencrypt@worker1 --link=
sns host attach simplenetes_io@worker1 --link=

Configure the Cluster:

cd prod-cluster

# Have the Ingress fetch certificates from the Let's Encrypt Pod:
echo "ingress_useFetcher=true" >>cluster-vars.env

# Allow HTTP ingress traffic for the simplenetes_io pod.
echo "simplenetes_io_allowHttp=true" >>cluster-vars.env

Compile all Pods:

sns pod compile simplenetes_io
sns pod compile proxy
sns pod compile letsencrypt
sns pod compile ingress

Generate Ingress settings:

sns cluster geningress
sns pod updateconfig ingress

Synchronize the Cluster:

git add . && git commit -m "Initial"
sns cluster sync

Releasing new versions of Pods

Whenever the pod.yaml file changes and the podVersion value is modified, flagging it as an update, it is possible to release a new version of that Pod with a single command:

sns pod release <NAME>

The commands involved in the release operation can also be manually performed, but it is much more cumbersome. For completion, the commands are:

sns pod compile NAME
sns cluster geningress
sns pod updateconfig ingress
git add . && git commit -m "Update"
sns cluster sync
# Both the old and the new version of the pod are expected to be running at the same time and sharing traffic
sns pod ls NAME
sns pod state NAME:oldversion -s removed
sns cluster geningress
sns pod updateconfig ingress
git add . && git commit -m "Update"
sns cluster sync
# The old version is now removed and the ingress updated.

Let's Encrypt certificates

Manually edit the file ./prod-cluster/_config/letsencrypt/certs_list/certs.txt and add all domains which you need certificates for. Then, the Pod config needs to be updated:

sns pod updateconfig letsencrypt
git add . && git commit -m "Configure certs"
sns cluster sync

Cheatsheet and Troubleshooting

The following commands are helpful:

sns pod info NAME
sns pod ps NAME
sns pod logs NAME
sns pod state NAME
sns pod ls
sns pod shell NAME [container]
sns host shell NAME