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Configuring image registries

Podman is compatible with the Docker-style config.json file and Docker registries.

Each Host will be configured with the config.json file when running the sns host init command.

You can configure each Host separately by placing a file with the same format, but named as registry-config.json inside the Host directory instead.

If no file is found in the Host directory then sns will look in the Cluster project base directory for the file and upload it for the Host.

The registry-config.json file will be uploaded to the Host as $HOME/.docker/config.json. Podman will pick this up when pulling images from private registries.

If changing the registry-config.json for a single Host or for all, Host initialization must be repeated: sns host init.

Generate the configuration file

If you already have a config.json file you can copy it to cluster-dir/registry-config.json.

If you need to create a new registry configuration file, run the following command replacing the credentials and the host parameter accordingly:

printf "\\n" | sns cluster registry [host]

Or, do a docker login and then use file generated by Docker, expected to be located in ~/.docker/config.json.